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5 Tips for Stress Free Travel

Your leisure time is one of your most valuable, non-renewable assets, and it's time you make the most of it. Use these tried and true tips for stress free travel to start experiencing the world like a pro. 

Plan Ahead
Waiting until the last minute may be exhilarating at the time you decide to travel, but if you want your pick of the best hotels, tickets, and guides, you’ll want to plan ahead — especially on big, international trips or at peak travel times. You also want to have time to renew your passport or acquire a visa, if necessary. 

Pack Smart
It may seem like a good idea to bring those stylish stilettos in the comfort of your home, but as you hobble down cobblestone streets in Italy you’ll be ready to toss them in the Arno. When it comes to packing, be practical (and that doesn’t mean you have to wear running shoes!). Bring items that are versatile and don’t overpack — I pride myself on fitting everything into a carry-on whether I’m traveling for two weeks or two days. Packing light can be done and it will make for a happier trip! 

Don’t Overschedule
In order to make the most of your trip, leave some downtime in your schedule. It can be tempting to hit ALL the highlights, but museum fatigue (and jetlag) is oh-so-real. Plan for one activity in the morning and one in the afternoon, ideally two that are different (like a museum in the morning and a neighborhood tour in the afternoon). And be sure to have a morning or afternoon unscheduled - it can be the perfect time to wander through a charming area, shop for souvenirs, or just relax at your hotel. 

Be Flexible
Let’s face it: things happen when you travel. Flights are delayed or canceled, luggage is lost, the weather is less than ideal — you name it. So if you want to enjoy your trip come what may, flexibility is key. Be prepared for the unexpected and ready for the impromptu. It makes it more exciting after all!

Use a Travel Advisor
You may not be a celebrity, but you can travel like one when you use a travel advisor. Upgrades? Check. Exclusive amenities? Check. VIP status? Check. Insider access? Check. As your travel advisor, I work with you to ensure your itinerary is personalized to your unique wants and — no cookie cutter itineraries here! I’ll work with my global network of on-the-ground contacts to make every trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And of course, I have your back if something goes awry. 

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